President Message

Where the dream is real. And the potential is endless. 


Dear Friend,

Welcome to the empowering world of Minerva.

I have always been passionate about the exponential life changing benefits of a good proper education. With a strong background in Management and Education at the foundation level, I have always valued a good quality education foundation, so in 2010 my family took a bold decision to bring two of our children to Canada for high school. My personal experience through this seven years with five children in the system , coupled with assisting other families have not only yielded strong, positive affirmations in my passion for quality education, but have also opened up opportunities for other benefits.

The launch of Minerva Educational Service Ltd is in pursuance of this passion, and to assist other families take advantage of quality international education, and to also help them in avoiding the pitfalls of inexperience. At Minerva, knowledge leadership and greater opportunities are not merely catchphrases; the spirit of these words permeate the campus environment. Students who share a desire to understand and shape tomorrow’s world are attracted to Minerva because of its culture of engagement and active participation in helping you build your future on your terms.


We appreciate your interest and hope to welcome you to the Minerva community soon!







Minerva Educational Services